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The tutorial environment is Ubuntu 20.0.4 .

Install casnode through docker

Prepare work

Install docker and docker-compose

Install Docker and Docker-compose, you see docker and docker-compose

Clone casnode & casdoor

Next, clone Casdoor and Casndoe from GitHub.

git clone
git clone

Now, you can see two folders, casnode and casdoor.

Configure casdoor

Run casdoor

We first configure casdoor.

Edit conf/app.conf, modify dataSourceName = root:123@tcp(localhost:3306)/ to dataSourceName = root:123@tcp(db:3306)/

docker-compose up

mysql and casdoor are in different docker containers.

Configure casnode in casdoor

Now that Casdoor has been configured, visit http://your-ip:8000 to configure Casnode.

The default administrator login account is admin/123.

Click Organization, then click Add, click Edit for the added organization, and change the name to the organization name you want. Here I set it to casnode, and then click Save.

Click Applications, then click Add, for the application you just added, click Edit, change the name to the application name you want, I changed it to app-casnode.Click on the organization, select the organization you just added, my organization is casnode. Click Redirect URLs, modify the link in the box to http://your-ip:7000/callback.Finally, remember the Client ID and Client Secret, and click Save.

Click Users, click Add, then click Edit, modify the added user, click Organization, select casnode, and click is admin. Finally click Save, now your organization has an administrator account.

Configure casnode

Next we configure in Casnode.

Edit conf/app.conf, modify dataSourceName = root:123@tcp(localhost:3306)/ to dataSourceName = root:123@tcp(db:3306)/ so that the data come from your database.

Then find casdoorEndpoint, modify it to http://your-ip:8000 (Casdoor backend address), find clientId and clientSecret, and modify them to the previously remembered Application client id and client secret, find casdoorOrganization, modify the organization name to you set.

Edit web/src/Conf.js , modify serverUrl to http://your-ip:8000 (Casdoor front-end access address), modify clientId to the clientId of the application just added, modify appName to the set application name, and modify organizationName to the set organization name.

Next, run casnode with docker

docker-compose up

Next visit http://your-ip:7000, click login, enter the account you added before, user_1/123, you have now successfully logged in to Casnode.

More settings reference