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Actually, routers is a built-in package of Beego. routers.init() is run by the framework when program starts. However, we added some filter functions to the package.

We are not going to talk about the routers/router.go here, Beego has already had a good document for it. We are going to introduce our filters here.


TransparentStatic: This filter is to serve static files. If a request path is not starts with /api/, then the filter will serve a static file to the browser. The filter will find the requested file in web/build/, and serve the file if exist.

FreshAccountActiveStatus: Update users' online states when they send a request.


We use Chromedp to render pages for search engine bots. If Chrome is installed, functions in this file will return a rendered page to bots.

We use a Regular expression bot|slurp|bing|crawler to match the User Agent of the request. If matched, we think the request is sent by a bot.