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Main package

There are several packages in the backend of Casnode. The main function and the Beego framework call these packages when the program starts.


The main package is the entrance of Casnode. We do some basic setup steps in the main package:

  • Setup some global variables: Database adapter, http Client, OSS adapter, Segmenter and Forum basic info (forum version, online number, Google Groups Crawlers)

  • Setup filters: API requests filter, search engine bot filter

  • Session data: Casnode uses Beego session to store user info. In the main function, wrote these lines to use a file based session:

beego.BConfig.WebConfig.Session.SessionProvider = "file"
beego.BConfig.WebConfig.Session.SessionProviderConfig = "./tmp"
beego.BConfig.WebConfig.Session.SessionGCMaxLifetime = 3600 * 24 * 365

Please refer to Beego session if you want to use another session adapter in Beego.